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336 Warren Street

Ieva Mediodia: Synaptic Katharsis

The Nicole Fiacco Gallery is pleased to announce Synaptic Katharsis, a solo show of recent paintings by the artist Ieva Mediodia (Lithuanian b. 1968), marking the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery. 

Ieva Mediodia’s exuberant paintings speak to the presence of the mind’s eye – the way in which neurological phenomena interplay with the consciousness of memory and time to form the visual.  The artist uses oil, acrylic and airbrush paint in vibrant colors.  According to the artist, “…My paintings emerge out of random spills of paint.  I find this approach maintains a looseness and fluidity in my work, enacting the motion without a rigid structural logic as manifestation of feminine gesture.”  

While Mediodia’s work does not represent a particular subject matter or narrative, the imagery links together various art-histories, concepts and experiences.  Disparate iconographic imagery inhabits Mediodia’s pictures, including references to comic books, cartoons and other images from popular culture.  These images are sometimes buried into layers of ribbon-like abstract lines and fluid marks of paint that hover, recede and swell from the picture plane.  Mediodia connects visual fragments into complex compositional structures on canvas.  Time and space fuse, giving the illusion of movement; and the play of transparency alludes to depth. 

The artist states “…I am developing an atmosphere, which is a replication of an environment in which the virtual reality of technological innovation and entertainment fuse with my memories and dreams.  Where the matrix and circuitry of signifiers are suggestive of the contemporary mind which are then flooded with the semantics of scientific advances, fetishes and virtual games.  I map the surreality of this contentious space by delineating this mind into certain sectors.  I twist and cartoon details taken from different magazines, science fiction and my memory… My work is a map of the imaginary which provides evidence of internal reflection and my memory of these exterior contexts.  My source of ideas is the instrument of information.”

To view one of Mediodia’s large paintings is to simultaneously sense history and futurism, representation and abstraction, deliberation and spontaneity, analytics and stream of consciousness.

Ieva Mediodia lives and works in New York.  She received her M.F.A. in Painting from Hunter College.  Mediodia’s work has been exhibited internationally including solo exhibitions at Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris, France; Bencivart Gallery, Pesaro, (Italy).  Mediodia’s first New York solo exhibition took please at the Annina Nosei Gallery, New York, New York.  Mediodia’s work has been noted in the New York Times, L.A. Weekly and Art Forum Magazine.  

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